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OK, thanks to all of you, I'm going off to have that vexsome tooth extracted.* I realize that in the great scheme of things, worry about getting a tooth pulled is definitely one of those #FirstWorldProblems -- heck, real men pull their own teeth! -- and nothing like surgery, at least since the days of barber surgeons, let alone like childbirth. Still, I've so far successfully avoided almost all voluntary contact with the health care system, and my childhood experience with slow-speed dentistry was no picnic, and then there were the last thieving corporate weasels I went to, who were running some sort of insurance racket. So I confess to having so far successfully suppressed my fear!

Any thoughts on the aftermath? Soft foods, pills? I should really make a Department of Getting Old Isn't For Wimps! Because it isn't!

NOTE * Just one. If they do this one well, they can do the others, this trip, or another one.

UPDATE Well, the extraction was painless, and I came home with neat little plastic bags (the Thais are big on packaging) of neoprofen (painkiller), amoxycillin (anti-biotic), and (more gauze). Hopefully, I'm biting down on the gauze successfully. Anyhow, assuming I'd be not working tonight and knowing I'm taking a bus to the Western Shore tomorrow, I went to buy some reading matter, and also some yoghurt, because I should only eat soft stuff tonight. This photograph shows why I find some aspects of the culture here endearing:

At the Kinokuniya Bookstore, they asked me "Plastic?" and I thought they meant "Paper or plastic?" and I wanted a plastic bag for garbage, so I said "Plastic." So they made book jackets out of plastic sheets, by hand -- for paperbacks! (Storm of Swords they had to cut the sheet with scissors, because it's such a big book!) The plastic is clear, but if you look at the spine of The Truth, at left, you'll see. Packaging!

So then I went to a supermarket in a huge new Japanese mall near my BTS stop to buy yoghurt. Of course, I also needed a spoon, since I don't have any eating utensils in my room; I looked everywhere, but the only spoon I could find was a wooden salad spoon that cost as much as a full meal. So I gave up. But when I paid and the checkout person gave me my change and bagged up my yoghurt, she said something like "sa-poon?" Which -- drugged? -- I didn't flash on 'til I was several steps away, when I realized she had to have meant "spoon," so I backtracked, and sure enough, there were spoons by the cash register (along with straws). Thai daily life is marked by many such small acts of "extra mile" thoughtfulness, I find. Like I say, it's endearing. Could be my status, I suppose.

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Submitted by quixote on

Avoiding infection is the priority. If they gave you antibiotic-y gauze to pack onto that part of the gum, use it, and change it out as often as they told you to. Rinse with salty water after eating. Floss. Brush early and often. And all that boring stuff. You're on the glide path. :D

Definitely need a Dept. of Getting Old Ain't For Wimps!

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Glad to hear of the success. Be careful of the pain medication. Never heard of neoprofen but get off it asap if it is habit forming. Don't suck on things like straws or cigarettes if you can help it; that might dislodge the blood clot plug in the socket. Don't use listerine or drink alcohol; it damages cell structures and may inhibit your immune "bugs" (white blood cells, etc.) from doing their work. Don't eat small chunky things that might fit in the socket and be hard to get out. Rice bits and coarse corn bread come to mind, bread with big whole grains maybe. Chewed up carrot bits. Just eat baby food or finely processed stuff for a few days. A good reason to have multiple teeth done at the same time. Good luck.

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Ice, Ice, Ice. It will help avoid swelling. I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed and I had almost no swelling the next day because I iced it afterwards. I'm convinced this is what helped keep the pain to a minimum.

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I would think hydrogen peroxide would kill all your mouth flora, which is not usually a good thing. But ask your dentists. They sound like a good and competent crew.