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Common Household Remedies Request

Carpet mavens, I need your advice! My stair runner arrived today* and I need to finish painting the stairs and then install it. Here is a rough sketch of the parts involved with two issues:

As you can see, the carpet conforms to the contour of the stairs because of the brass rods, and where the carpet comes to an end, at the landing or the top of the stairs, I have to screw down a brass (or brass-colored) strip.**

One issue I've got is where to put the tacks.*** Under the lip of the stair tread? At either edge of the runner? Both? Neither?

A second issue is whether it's good practice to run the carpet up over the top step onto the landing. Maybe I should have a separate, small rug on the landing? Maybe I could bind the edges or something.

OK, I lied on "two." I don't think I need a pad. There wasn't a pad under the runner that preceded this one -- a thirty-year-old finally destructible hunk of something petroleum-based as is, sigh, this one -- and it doesn't look like the eyehooks**** through which the rods run are set at a depth that contemplated a pad. So I'd like to get a away without that expense. Is that a good idea?

The fourth issue is whether there are other issues I haven't thought of!

NOTE * Via UPS. I don't know if this is a statement about retail or not. I remember seeing Sears catalogs from the 1890s, and huge quantities of every kind of good could be ordered from the catalog and delivered by train. So perhaps carpet delivery via UPS is a reversion to the mean, the age of the auto and the Big Box store being an abberration.

NOTE ** Grrrr! Now that the local hardware store is closed, I have to take a hour-and-a-half, minimum, to go buy the brass strips, and I used to be able to go walk downtown. And I'm still in the habit of thinking I can do that. Maybe I should just order everything from Amazon, as if I were in the 1890s again, except with a digital catalog and NSA tracking instead of a paper catalog?

NOTE *** Which I just fucking realized I didn't fucking buy either, snarl.

NOTE **** Which it would be nice if I didn't have to spend time repositioning or replacing, whine.

UPDATE Here's another one. Is the carpet going to stretch out or something, such that I have to retack it in six months? I somehow got the message that it would, but I don't understand why.

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Maybe another way to think of this is as community building opportunity? These things you need are probably in the drawers of so many of your neighbors, who would love to help and be helped in return by another neighbor on something else. Craigslist/freeshare/whatever? Make a local bulletin board for people to connect to each other?

I just saw Iron Man 3. "We create our own demons." Which sounds a lot like Richard Bach of Jonathan Livingston Seagull fame: "Every problem is a gift. We seek problems because we want their solutions." Something like that. It's like every problem you encounter is your own personal gift, your door to where you want to go. Sounds like this is supposed to be fun, but the Amazon thing is getting me down.

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i can't remember for sure, but i think that in my grandparents' house the carpet runner did NOT extend onto the landing. i think they had a small area rug there instead.

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I'm having the same vague memory as Hipparchia, but I can't for the life of me think of an engineering or human factors reason for the area rug. Readers?????? What did the stairs in your grandparent's house look like?

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reasons for carpet padding:

also, i've read online somewhere that the carpet manufacturer might void the warranty if you don't install approved padding.

not sure why you would carpet your stairs in the first place, but possibly because it's less noisy and provides better traction than bare wood. and presumably carpet provides some protection for the wood in a heavily-traveled area.

presumably an area rug on the landing provides all the same advantages as carpet but without the anchoring/fitting issues that come with installed carpet.

just to add to the confusion, i also can't remember if the carpet started under the lip of the top stair...

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Submitted by lambert on

Less easily damaged than painted wood.

Warmer and more pleasant underfoot in the winter.

Restore the area to its former glory.

Impressive to tenants, says this is not a slum.

Submitted by hipparchia on

Warmer and more pleasant underfoot in the winter.

what is this "winter" of which you speak? :)

Restore the area to its former glory.

can't argue with that. what was there before?