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Common household remedies request

I've got a hissing noise coming from the drains in one of the sinks, downstairs. The noise was quite loud at 4AM; I thought somebody was doing a wash. It's still present now, but quieter. Not from any of the other sinks. There's definitely no odor. There's no water on the basement floor. There's no trickling noise in the basement. I'm baffled! Any thoughts?

The town says it's cleaning pipes. Could that possibly be doing something?

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Maybe there's something happening in the vent line, like it's occluded. The hissing could come from wind hitting the main vent at the roof of the house, creating pressure changes, or other things like pressure changes in the sewer system. Or maybe the furnace turns on and the draft makes the water in the P-trap go up and down, creating a hissing sound. May be as simple as cleaning out the drain. Plug the drain with a wet towel and see if it stops.