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Common household remedies request

I'm going to try to plant some "Three Sisters" -- a companion planting of beans, squash, and corn -- this year. I don't have full sun, though.

My squash have done fine in the light available in the patch I have mentally marked out for this project, and so have beans. Any concerns about corn?

And has anyone else grown three sisters?

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Submitted by Lex on

I have to assume you'll get a fair amount more sun...but maybe not. How many hours do you get?

Still, i'd give it a shot, lambert. Even if you don't go the full three sisters, beans and corn work very well together and have never dropped out of kitchen gardener's usage. (Some people add inoculate when they plant the beans to make sure that they fix the nitrogen.)

Submitted by hipparchia on

sweet corn:

Depending on the cultivar, sweet corn needs 60-100 warm days to grow and requires 8 to 10 hours of full sun, good drainage and lots of room.

however, the three sisters seems to have originated in your part of the country, so why not give it a try? if you already know that the squash will be happy, then if this works, that will just be icing on the cake -- or corn in your succotash. :)

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Submitted by caseyOR on

Corn takes a lot, a lot, of room in the garden. It is quite labor and resource intensive for what you get in harvest. Do you have extra garden space?

And it needs a ton of sun and warmth.