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What the heck ever happened to wooden kitchen matches?!

I need to light a fire in the wood stove every so often, if on warm days (40° F!!) I let the fire burn down.

So I go to the convenience store and the local mini-mart, and no wooden matches. All they have is these disposable Bic fire starters (and cheaper clones):

1. They're dangerous (says the warning label)

2. They're petroleum-based, since they use butane for fuel

3. They're petroleum-based, since the housing is made of plastic

4. They clutter up the waste stream with the plastic, the metal tube, the sparking mechanism, the packaging, and petroleum residues

5. They're a heck of a lot more expensive.

Please, can I have the old-fashioned wooden matches back?

NOTE Then again, I could be wrong, at least if the fire-starter is not disposable. Matches have their issues too!

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