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Common household remedies request

Well, off to buy a jig saw I don't want and can't afford to cut through the kitchen ceiling to find the leak, which has returned in force.


Sitll, a good tip. I'll cut a hole the size of a utility panel, put the panel in, and then never have to cut open the ceiling again.

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Submitted by lambert on

Took the bus to the hardware store and came back with a cheap jigsaw. Next time I'll look into a multitool.

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Submitted by Bryan on

You can get an ABS access panel for less than $15 for a 14X14, and they come in multiple sizes. There's a frame that pops into the opening and a cover.

I have to use them to change shower valves in old houses where they tiled the shower stall apparently in the belief that the valves would last forever.

They are white and you can paint them.