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Comments issues

Anybody still having problems with comments?

1. I toned down the arithmetic question, so people don't have to enter the sum of 1876 and 9182256835 any more, or whatever it was. I'll keep looking for better challenges, but I want to avoid the pictures, because I always get them wrong, as opposed to arithmetic, which I only sometimes get wrong. But so far, pictures and arithmetic are the only options on offer.

2. The hamsters have been feeling the strain over the past two days, because of a spike on Dodd working to preserve Constitutional government in the face of the perversions of the Village. So, comments were sometimes slow to post; it happened to me, and I ended up posting the same comment several times, having irritably pressed Submit over and over.

I made some adjustments, and the spike is dying down, so that problem should be solved.

Any others?

Thanks. When the hamsters are really moving, the squeaking of the cages gets quite deafening. It's hard to sleep in my tiny room under the stairs....

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