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Submitted by mass on

I am utterly stunned that so many so-called progressives have embraced Obama's corporate education reform approach. The education policy of the Obama administration is something George Bush could only have dreamed of implementing, he would have met too much resistance from Democrats! But here we are, Arne Duncan's Race to the Top, and now an all-out PR campaign to push Charter Schools and merit pay(despite the evidence neither measure has improved education) with spokespeople like Oprah "he's the one" Winfrey and Arianna "voice of the middle class" Huffington. I fear it is going to take us at least a generation to undo the damage imposed on the public education system by these education deform zealots.

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Submitted by ms_xeno on

It's the pitchman Democrats consider of prime importance, not the product he or she is pitching.

Makes me glad that I never liked Obama, or I'd be loudly cheering on my own ritualized screwing, too.

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Submitted by mass on

I've thought about that myself.

Submitted by jawbone on

affect outcomes -- gee, whodathunkit? And, in the news report I saw (this week, iirc), the bonuses were fairly large (up to $15K, which would mean, I figure, that very few would have a chance for that amount), and still outcomes were the same whether teachers taught to teach or taught to achieve bonuses. Suggests maybe most teachers are in that job to achieve the satisfaction of hekping children learn.

When I had an outpatient procedure in the 90's, a med student was assigned to me pre-surgery, part of her course work, and we had a chance to talk before I was sedated. Turns out she had taught HS English through part of her studies. I asked how she could possibly do both things, given how demanding teaching was in terms of course prep and correcting papers and how demanding med school was.

She said the school had implemented one of those step-by-step curriculums sold to the school board as a way of raising student achievement and test scores. She said essentially she did no planning, spent most of the class time havng students read out loud to one another, and then finished with some prescribed discussion questions and gave out the prescribed assignments. She it would have driven her crazy if that was her real job and is why she decided to go to med school.

She used the class reading time to study, and, with 5 classes a day, figured she only had to actually talk with the students one fourth of the class time at the most.

I have no idea if she was exaggerating, even lying, but I've since seen programs on the "programmed curriculum" approach, with each classroom required to be on the same lesson every day. No room for students who aren't quite getting things -- the schedule just moves on. Factory education. Kids as widgets procucing acceptable test scores.

Wealthier school districts do not buy into this approach or these programs. Those parents don't want widget kids and have the clout to keep school boards and superintendants actually implementing education of their children.

Of course, one of the main goals of Race to the Top and BushBoy's plans is to break teachers' unions and have teachers' wages crammed down.

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Submitted by mass on

The entire policy is thinly disguised union busting. About that merit pay study, a day or two after that was released, the Obama admin announced half a billion in merit pay funding. I thought Democrats were supposed to be all about evidence-based policies. I swear I heard that alot during the Bush years.

Submitted by libbyliberal on


I couldn't respond on my recent thread about "rigged election" last night at one point. I just tried a few minutes ago and it wasn't working still. Was trying to respond to juliawilliams. Will try again.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

lambert, I just tried again on my thread and I get "page not found" when I click on "preview".

Yet I can comment here. Will try again when I get to work from that computer.

Submitted by jawbone on

study post, then I was bounced back to the home page.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/lambert/public_html/sites/all/themes/corrente/template.php on line 138

I was able to get to the comment by clicking on the post's title.

Say wha?

Submitted by Hugh on

Using IE I find that I can't select text. Sometimes when I paste text, I can select text but when I try to select something I type, the select just flashes and disappears.

Submitted by lambert on


When you are logged in?

When you are creating or editing a post, or reading pages? If reading pages, front page only? All pages?

And the usual: Which version of IE?

And the usual: If you clear your cache and cookies and restart the browser, does it persist?

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Submitted by CMike on

I had that very same problem yesterday in Mozilla on a computer using XP. But I don't remember if it was while I was working with the comment program here at Corrente or with JSKit elsewhere. I pasted in WordPad, closed Mozilla, and when I went back the problem had gone away. I was thinking it might have had something to do with having two of the same comment threads open at the same time in different windows or tabs but I could not get the problem to repeat itself.

At the moment everything is working for me in comments here regardless of whether I'm using Mozilla, IE, Google Chrome, or Opera.

Submitted by lambert on

That sort of messing about with selections is functionality that some do on purpose; I've done it in other contexts. I've certainly never sought to do anything similar here.

I think the idea that the browser might get confused about what is to be selected with several windows open, with JS[for "JavaScript"]-Kit, which totally sucks, active in one of them, makes a lot of sense. The other thing that would cause this sort of behavior would be a dialog, perhaps for a browser upgrade, still open and not cancelled. I can vaguely remember having similar issues, and my answer was to close some windows, and if need be, close and restart the browser.

Submitted by jawbone on

From earlier issues thread where I tried to describe highlighting and how it doesn't work for me inside the comment boxes. Means I can't delete easily or used HTML shortcuts.

Text lights up, then just highlighting is gone when I move cursor to do anything else.

IE8, Win7

Works in Firefox, but Firsfox has some quirks I dislike -- like when I want to close a tab, it closes all of them.

Submitted by lambert on

... by installing IE8 on my Windows Vista home box, and yes, there it is, and another one of my Drupal sites does not have it. So it's a problem that can be solved.... I just don't know how. I'll see if my IE guru has any thoughts.

FF certainly doesn't close all my tabs -- that sounds like an old version??!