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Comment of the Day #2

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From NYC street activist Reverend Billy, a beautiful "Memo to Wall Street":

To the people who keep insisting that these young people don't have specific demands, hear this. There is nothing more specific and vivid than reclaiming public space. We've learned that the revolution won't be computerized, no, ultimately we have to do what all those who make change must do: and that is commit your body and soul. Be vulnerable. Go to the public square and let the cops stare at you and wait for your friends to get out of jail and march again, and then march again. Embodied change is real. Use the pixels for directions, or to say hello to friends, but don't let some on-line petition persuade you that you're "saving time."

There is nothing more specific and articulate than actual living - living in the shadow of the 80 story behemoths with the trillion dollar budgets. Since the big banks have no democratic process, living near their offices is the most specific of all choices. Living life - with friends and family, with food and exercise and culture - is what the investment banks destroy with their secretive mathematics.

They are simply not answerable to ordinary living, and the citizens around the world who defend themselves against their big dams or extractive mining or industrial toxins - are called "pushback" or "protesters" by the commercial press. Living human beings, who talk and sing and get up and stretch, in the windows of the offices of the bankers - could not be more specific. Life - the living of ordinary lives everyday - is very much the point.

We will live in the view of your corner office. We will live in your conscience. We will live in your lobby. We will live in your elevator. And when we get to your floor we won't wait in your waiting room... We will enter your office. Don't shoot us. We want to live with you.

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to be published by the Occupiers. Whoohoo!'s Susie's birthday. Drop over and wish her a happy one (she's says news of the broadsheet is a terrific birthday present.)

From Susie at Suburban Guerrilla, a link to a post about Occupy Wall Street Journal, the broadsheet to be published by the occupiers to help control their message.

From comments, YouTube video: Wall Street Fails to Deliver.

I can't wait to read this paper.

From Guns and Butter on WBAI this morning, a full hour of Prof. Michael Hudson (no transcript, but audio) in an interview about how Europe is addressing its debt/defict problems, plus lots about what's happening here in the US. Excellent way to spend just under an hour. Note: WBAI does not archive forever, only 30 days. Scroll through WBAI archives to Friday, 9/30, Guns and Butter.

From Democracy Now,. on site report about Occupy Wall Street set up at Zucotti Park. Audio up now, transcript to follow.

On the Dem Now! report, someone said there's now an Occupy Milwaukee. Oh, I do have some real hope for this movement. Kudos to all the people who worked long and hard to get this off the ground --er-- on the ground in the Wall Street area.

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due to possible appearance by Radiohead at Zucotti Square.

Reported on top of the hour news on WNYC. Really. And it's only a rumor (not sure if postponement is rumor).

Would they have to appear without any loudspeakers? That might be a problem....

OK, silly, but it made me laugh with joy that these protesters do have their priorities, and I mean that in a good way. And I'm still smiling/grinning about it.

Altho' I'm not sure when the best time would be to protest Lt. Bolongna's macing, workday or weekend. And flexibility is probably a very good thing -- keep the authorities watching, waiting....

Update: Via Susie, OWS has announced Radiohead is appearing (per Gawker).

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That's the latest I'm seeing on Twitter. And actually, I think that is a good thing. A free Radiohead concert would have attracted gazillions of fans, and the park is small. The cops might have used the huge crowds as an excuse to shut the whole thing down.

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Seems people cut work and classes in hopes of seeing the band, but, per WNYC reporter, most also said they'd wanted to see the OWS site. Lots of people showed up.

But, the OWS media people did say the group was going to be there, so they need ways to double check info. Fer sure.