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From behind the Orange Kos Kurtain, embedded in a Rahmbash thread, is this gem from Words In Action:

The DLC does not want to learn from history.

They don't even necessarily want Democrats to win. They just want to serve the oligarchs for personal gain. In THIS sense, they really are no different than Republics.

Yes, that's obvious by now, but it bears repeating until everyone understands.

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Submitted by kelley b on

How long do you suppose before the Great Orange One or one of his minions bans him?

Submitted by lambert on

First, the post is a sophisticated variant of "Let's blame Rahm," which is itself a variant of "If only the Czar knew." Last I checked, Obama was President, head of the FKDP, and Rahm's boss. Obama's the problem, not Rahm.

Second, Lakoff is a putz. The post is really a call for a return to the primaries, when the Obama message machine was working so well, the poster felt they had an "in" with the campaign, and so on.

Submitted by Randall Kohn on

Yes, slamming Rahm can be (and usually is) a way to avoid slamming his boss. But for a long while, slamming Rahm was unacceptable over there.

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