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Sarah Palin recently injected herself into the 2009 elections. In every case, she endorsed the anti-choice candidate. In NY-23, she even endorsed an anti-choice Conservative Party man over a moderate (pro-choice) Republican woman. The position she took is against both the 30% Solution (torpedoing a woman in favor of a man) and the NWP. Thus, support of her political aspirations, whatever they may be, is contrary to everything I believe in.

Well, that would seem to dispose of that.

Voting for Palin in 2012 is off the table, then?

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Submitted by madamab on

It's off the table for me, at least. And for those who are serious about women's equality, it should be off the table for them as well.

I thought she would make a reasonable Republican Vice President when I voted McCain-Palin. Also, there were many other strategic reasons for my vote. But she is not my choice to lead the nation.

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Submitted by Historiann on

if we are successful (eventually!) in electing more women candidates, that means that we'll have to make choices about one supporting one woman over another. I think we can have a complex differential as to who or what makes the strongest feminist candidate.

In my congressional district (CO 4), the past two contests (in '06 and '08) featured two different women running against the then-incumbent, the odious Marilyn Musgrave. I would have voted for any stinkin' Dem to dump Musgrave--it was a bonus that I could vote for another woman, but not ultimately determinative of how I voted.