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Via Emma at Historiann:

HRC’s ability to go around the press and mobilize great numbers of voters in the face of relentless press excoriation and wall-to-wall “why won’t the stupid b**** quit” press coverage was remarkable. It surpassed even Bill Clinton’s ability to retain public support against a press machine that lived on manufactured Clinton scandals. So, in addition to losing a President who didn’t give a flying fig what anybody thought of her, we lost a President with a proven ability to bypass the press and go directly to the public with her message and motivate them to work on her behalf in the belief they were working on their own behalf.

Not to relitigate the primariez, but I think Emma's insight is central. Bypassing the press will be fundamental.

All the press, including the access bloggers. And we know it can be done. It has been done.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Even in the face of substantial misogyny, she was still the wife of one of the great politicians of our time, who had substantial political skills herself, had built up a lifetime of political experience, and was, for better or worse, a polarizing figure. Even when she was being denigrated, no one could stop talking about her.

To go around the press the way she did you need someone of her caliber to be in the running.

Now, to hijack the press is another matter.

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Submitted by Pacific John on

That soooo says something we all knew but never put into words.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

at least not to the same extent. The press has lost a lot of credibility, starting with Clinton's impeachment and moving on through Iraq and now the economy.

I think the key was that Clinton was a known figure to a lot of people, at least to some extent. So the press image didn't match what a lot of people "knew". While it certainly helps to have a high-profile figure delivering a message, I'm not sure it's required so long as you have the means of getting the message out (this is the tricky part I think). The key is to find issues where people's direct experience tells them the press is full of shit. Healthcare is one. The economy/bailout another. If you focus on those issues, I think you can go around the press so long as you have some other means of getting the word out to the masses (again, the tricky part).

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Submitted by jjmtacoma on

I don't know if the crap that passed for reporting would have passed for reporting 10 years ago either. Back then, news shows associated themselves with journalism more than entertainment, so I don't think the same effort was spent on character assasination.

Although maybe 10 years isn't back far enough. When cable news/CNN started (wasn't that around 1989?) with 24 hour news programming they had to be revenue generating. That probably wasn't too hard since they started about the same time as the first Gulf War. Once the war was over, the screaming news shows started.

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Submitted by S Brennan on

It's this ability and the fact that Hillary had shown some independent thought had indicated to the plantation owners of this society that she was not to be trusted.

That's how Obama pops up, the perfect foil, the obsequious, ego tripping rich kid out for a lark. As I have pointed out, the "press" was looking at him to blunt Hillary as early as 2003-4.

The thing I want to know, I haven't a clue at this point, is what the plantation owners have in mind for Obama. Obama has done everything a right wing Republican hack would, heck more, he's kept as many Republicans working as he possibly could, he's kept the imperial wars going full steam, handed over trillions of taxpayers money to the "wall street", destroyed healthcare reform and he's promising to take down SSI. The Owners must be pleased.

Obama's a pretty good lackey, but with Hillary safely out of the way, Obama's future value is churn and burn him, or see if he can do some more tricks for his right wing masters. There are lot of "truly loyal" Republicans looking for work and Obama's good work has made him unpopular, why waste resources on a tool?