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Why are we talking about [cutting Social Security,] anyway? Because Obama appointed the Catfood Commission after Congress voted down the idea. Obama couldn't take no for an answer. He kept the possibility of entitlement cuts on the table, when he could have left the Commission for dead.


So now the careeer "progressives" want our money and time for a battle we should never have to even fight in the first place, because the President they support is making us fight it!

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not a bug.

Just listened to Gary Shteyngart talking about his new novel, Super Sad True Love, on WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show. It's a dystopian look at a future America set in NYC, about a post-literate America on the skids and now using the yuan.

He made it an authoritarian state ruled by --you're gonna love this-- the Bipartisan Party.

Obama could be the founder of such an authoritarian party, folks. Brought to us by snookered progs and bewildered believers...along with Wall Street money.

While at the site, you might check out the first segment about a new book which tries to list all the damage done to Iraq and its people by our wanton invasion and continued occupation (which will continue with 50,000 troops and who knows how many Blackwater-type private contrators to protect our huge presence in that country). Michael Otterman on the human costs of war in Iraq. One of those costs is the likely destruction of a centuries old religion. So sad.

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Maybe it will have a "robust public option!"

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My wife Bonnie says: "Obama should just admit he's a Republican, so we can all get on with our business."