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Weldon Burger at Avedon's place:

With respect to the Obama administration, [Sherrod] would have been better off had she tortured someone. That would have guaranteed her a pass even if she actually had done something wrong. Look forward!


NOTE My favorite part is that Sherrod was actually fired by Blackberry. As Blue Lyon says at Violet's place, "the Obama administration didn’t even do what one would have expected from the lowliest HR specialist." Your "creative class" in action!

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

"He jumped the gun," Obama said of Vilsack, "partly because we now live in this media culture where something goes up on YouTube or a blog and everybody scrambles."

being preznit is Hard Work! you nasty bloggers leave him ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!

Submitted by lambert on

Obama's calling for Vilsack's death OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it's July! That's one month away from June!

Submitted by weldon on

Sherrod is threatening to sue Breitbart. She would probably have a case against the administration as well, considering what they said about her, but instead she says that "I'd like to talk to [Obama] a little bit about the experiences of people like me. People who live out there in rural America. People who live in the south. I know he does not have that kind of experience. Let me help him a little bit with how we think, how we live and the things that are happening."

A teachable moment indeed. Zero tolerance for winding up in the sights of the crazies, 100% tolerance for torture.

Submitted by cg.eye on

not black....

"People who live in the south"... "a little bit about the experiences of people like me"? Hillary supporters who pointed this out were called racist, too....

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Submitted by carissa on

As a bi-racial child in Hawaii, Obama would have fit right in (as a white girl living there, on the other hand, I didn't). Raised by a white mother and white grandparents, he would have learned nothing of the Black experience. Nothing. Going to private schools his entire life removed him from working class experience as well.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

ok, kids. i have to speak up about this, as it's a topic that has been painfully on my mind and heart my whole life. with this caveat: it's very, very different today and for people under 30 than it is for him and me.

"the black experience" includes us mixed race high yella folks, for all "real" black people and white people want to tell us it isn't. "the black experience" includes black people who live in mostly not-black regions of the country or world; there are plenty of us who didn't grow up on a southern sharecropping farm or urban ghetto. "the black experience" includes negotiating the spaces defined in our culture by skin tone, and is very wide ranging in that respect. a dark skinned black man with a southern accent is as "truly black" as a light skinned man who grew up in a manhattan penthouse, and vice versa. very little annoys me more than to be told, as i have by black and white people, that i'm "not really black."

the black experience in america is of course defined by persistent racism; none of us with even a touch of the tar can escape it, even when we 'pass.' once upon a time, before BET and the commercialization of black culture by white owned/led corporations, before public education ceased the teaching of true black history, before the "post racial" narrative was born, black folks celebrated our own internal diversity. there are many beautiful, painful, epic and romantic historical narratives and examples of how "the black experience" is more than just one or two ways of life, growing up, etc.

i am first in line to diss the man, for his failures as a politician, scholar, and leader. i have the record here to prove that. but i won't tolerate people making the claim, even Sherrod's, that's he's not part of "the black experience." he is. deal with it, all of you.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

But at the same time, Obama has lived a life of privilege that has blinded him to the true consequences of bigotry, IMO. Growing up a mixed kid in Hawaii, one of the most ethnically diverse places on the planet, is very different than growing up in the rural south, or urban ghettos. My pale Irish best friend can testify that being white in Hawaii is a very eye opening experience into racial bigotry for white people.

When asked about racism during the campaign, the worst he could come up with was this one time he couldn't get a cab in NY, and how his own grandmother would cross the street when she saw black men. I think that speaks for itself, as to how seriously he views it as an issue to be addressed.

So, while he may be part of the "black experience", I don't think it earns him any points, with the callous disregard he has for the other 99.9% of people suffering from the "black experience", just look at his attitude towards marijuana.

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Submitted by madamab on

It's different in different parts of the country and it does depend on what color you are, but of course, Obama has some clue of what "the black experience" is.

Obama lacks understanding not of the "black experience," but of the experience of being working-class or poor. Despite his protestations to the contrary, he has never suffered from the least privation, having gone to exclusive private/Ivy League schools all his life.

Shirley Sherrod is both working-class and from the South. I don't think he has the first clue what that is like. And I think it's just fine that she said so.