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Over at DU, no less (assessing Arne Duncan's education deform):

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41. Back To Basics

A friend has a Lehman Brothers document from the mid-1990's discussing the opportunities in getting into the education "market" and relieving the public of all that cash. Matt Taibbi's priceless quote about business jamming its "blood funnel into anything that smells like money" always applies, but there's more.

Lost in the degradation of the Democratic Party, which always had to be dragooned into helping the poor, is the truth about public ed: part of its original mission was education for the working class. (another part was regimentation for industrial purposes but conflict between these contradictory goals is perennial)

So, these developments in "education" are no surprise - business gets the cash while government strips the civic usefulness of what little activity remains in schools. What is surprising is how docile the public is proving to be. This is no less than the demolition of civil society and there should be rioting in the streets. Maybe in Venezuela or France, but not here.

Serfin' USA!

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