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At Ian's place:

[A]mong others, particularly international corporations and oligarchs with no actual national identity, the idea of the collapse of the American Republic is seen as nothing more or less than the Ultimate Tax Break and the Ultimate Deregulation. The death of America would mean the death of everything from the 40-hour work week to the prohibitions against slavery and child labor.

Right. Collapse isn't a bug. It's a feature.

And that's why our elites are engineering it!

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Submitted by cg.eye on

Terrorists, in a sane world, would be a matter for police in a nation of laws, not secret police building a world of lawlessness.

My fear is of any place where Men Can Still Be Men, backing businessmen who buy US properties, media interests, anything not nailed down, and taking that perch to whisper this in the ears of American majority-culture males who are fatigued by the wrenching changes in their culture for the last couple of centuries: Aren't you tired of being pussies?

Dig it -- The New Deal was being dismantled before WWII; the benefits given to labor to ensure peace just after WWII, dismantled by HUAC, then corporate abandonment; the prospect of civil rights battles at last extending to class-based problems, solved with a couple of gunshots and some riots, then corporate pile-ons convincing us that if the oppressed are given the right to sell the same trash majority culture has, then they have moved far.

Even since colonial days, we knew that destabilizing indigenous governments is the fastest way to bring people to near slavery, their women back to subservience, and their children back into the harness. The only difference is that it's finally happening to us, after decades of believing our own hype that we're a better people with a stronger government. All it takes is enough money and grandchildren holding up the old ways long enough for them to stick, again. Revolutions die within one generation; ours lasted longer than most.