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Coldcall at Yves Place:

US government could kill two birds with one stone: offer every unemployed person in the affected states a job on the coast clearing up the oil, and send the full bill to BP.

Help the economy and clean the spill.

Well, big assumptions!

I mean, that sounds like a really good idea -- almost like a jobs guarantee! -- but there are two facts not entered into evidence about the US government:

1. That they want to hand BP the bill for anything; and

2. That they they think people being unemployed is a problem.

Well, maybe another:

3. That they care about the Gulf of Mexico.

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Submitted by scarshapedstar on

"Kill The Poor" comes to mind. If you thought the health problems among the 9/11 responders were troubling, well, this toxic soup is gonna be an absolute nightmare. I'm very concerned about the people involved in the cleanup, especially because BP was initially calling the crude oil "red algae" and is now blaming the sickness among the cleanup crews on "food poisoning".

I mean, somebody's gotta do it. It's a fucked-up situation. I would love to help but I also love my liver. Don't worry about the poor, they will end up in the Gulf of Mexico as reliably as they end up in Iraqistan. I'm not overly troubled by the fact that the federal government is not yet actively coaxing them into early graves.