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In Randall Wray's naked capitalism thread entitled Wray: The Great Depression and the Revolution of 2017,

Michael Fiorillo says:

It disturbs me that some people seem to think that President Obama’s administration is incompetent.

Let’s take a look at what he has accomplished in just 18 months:

- he has tarnished political liberalism and everything within its gravitational pull for at least another generation, if not longer.

- he has hastened and provided so-called liberal cover for attacks on Social Security and Medicare, the job for which Wall Street hired him.

- He has accelerated the hostile takeover and privatization of the public schools, another of the tasks assigned to him.

- He has destroyed the possibility of any progress on African-American political and economic issues for the lifetimes of everyone reading this blog. After all, we’re a post-racial society now, aren’t we?

- He has neutralized (not that it was so hard to do) so-called left/liberals on issues regarding the the all-consuming National Security State.

By and large, I’d say he’s been a highly successful Trojan Horse, setting the stage for Finance to profitably cannibalize the remaining non-coercive functions of the public sector in the aftermath of Wall Street’s strip mining and outsourcing of the nation’s productive base.

Amazingly this is replied to by the dumbest retort ever:

Hal Horvath says:

Obama was always a ‘centrist’ President, from the beginning.

Since he’s centrist, the ideologues will hate most everything he does, and what he does will be moderate, and often a good (or possible) choice.

You just go right on "thinkin'" that, Hal.

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