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Obama comes out in favor of killing whales, and all over American, "progressives," even some liberals, and a whole boatload of naive people are asking "Why? Why?" Jack Crow has the answer:

[M]aybe he just really enjoys making HuffPo swooners and the Nobel Prize Committee look like assholes.

Well, I think that many of us enjoy that simple pleasure, eh?

Something in common with Dear Leader at last!

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Submitted by Anne on

asshole with abandonment issues, acting out to see whether the love really is unconditional, and he really is good enough and smart enough (and people really do like him!).

I think anyone contemplating a run for the highest office in the land ought to first have to have therapy - a lot of therapy - before being allowed to stand for election.

Imagine that would eliminate more than a few candidates. And the country might be better for it.

Submitted by cg.eye on

Madame Secretary Clinton's talks with the Russkies, he can then proudly sport a "Nuke the Gay Whales" bumpersticker on his limo?

Too much, or too obvious?