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moster at FDL:

Why does a call to arms start with “donate to…..”?

Because that's the business model?

Seriously -- and I wouldn't have said this two years or even a year ago -- "progressives" fighting health insurance companies and Big Pharma by raising money seems like trying to buy Versailles by holding a bake sale. Whatever's going to work, it's not that. Even leaving aside the fact that the fundraiser is for the pissant public option.

And then there's the idea that if your business model is fundraising, there's no real incentive to solve the problem; incremental improvement is really preferable from that standpoint, since each round of incrementalism, successful or not, will always be a success to the "creative class" access bloggers, the web designers, the pollsters, the wannabe pundits going on the teebee, and so forth, since they can all bill for their professional services.


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Submitted by realpolitik on

....that the Weiner thread was as combative as it was. Especially at access bloggers r us FDL. I love how the New Left uses "progressive heroes" as signifiers of a movement that is starkly so 2006-2008. What happens when they don't have any faces with which to fund themselves on anymore?

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Not the kind of activity that makes you jump to your feet. I have to wonder if all these calls for fundraising aren't just an elaborate plot to keep the general membership at these sites from revolting. Funnel them toward the illusion of progress to prevent them from moving more dramatically and effectively.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

So if FDL (or others) made a call to arms and didn't include a beg for funds, the audience would think that it just couldn't be that important.

Another Seriousness criteria: the money ask.

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Submitted by madamab on

But it seems to me that if you want to raise money, wouldn't it be good to help produce results that your readership would find inspiring?

If "step all over the readership, then ask for money" is a business model, it doesn't seem very sustainable.

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

are getting tired of having their non-stop mail requests returned with NOT IN THIS LIFETIME splashed across the request and returned at their No Postage Required expense. Got another letter from Bill Clinton today....the money was to build the war chest for the 2012 re-election fund....these are the ones I most enjoy declining.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

It has nothing to do with incrementalism. How many of us would be excited if we saw genuine movements in a positive direction, even if it were small (decreased Medicare age, . . .)?

No, the PFM is about keeping any reform at a level that ensure that the Village can maintain their patriarchal grasp on the populace. (I use patriarchal in a loose sense, one that refers to the Village's desire to have the working class be *dependents*. Progressive elites need unemployment high so that they are needed to "handout" food stamps. Etc.)

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Submitted by Ian Welsh on

it's not about "access" and it never was. It's about money.

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Submitted by tarheel-leftist85 on

For wealthy, clued-in (self-IDed) progressives who have a vested interest in sustaining the insurance/pharmaceutical rentiers, raising money sustains the legacy party "competition." The opportunity costs are minimal compared to the benefits they receive (by virtue of their associations with health "care" industry rentiers or by creative class employment perpetuating the legacy party duopoly). For not-so-wealthy, less clued-in progressives, the fundraising is a cost (most apparent in terms of money, but also time/effort/energy) that might otherwise go towards building something not beholden to the legacy party-plutocracy symbiosis. Perhaps many don't recognize the opportunities they are forgoing to click that donate button or sign that petition.

Submitted by lambert on

Sorry. My head is still exploding from learning Digby's on the same board as Celinda Lake. I think I should just swoop in, write an "Annals of Progressive Idiocy," and swoop out.