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I will not sit and stew and watch this man ruin my country. I will not be silent and impotent. I want to do something to oppose him, so that at least if I fail I can fail valiantly and gloriously.

But someone has to stand up and shout 'No!'

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What do you think you're doing now? We won't change things overnight, but you can't stop progress forever. I remember after 2004 being one of the few people saying the GOP's time was numbered. Obama's and the Dems' wins in 08 and 06 were a repudiation of conservativism. Obama was a conservative who pretended to be something else and it won't be very long before he and the Dems go the way of the GOP. And he is deteriorating faster than I thought imaginable (look at his real poll numbers). And a big reason for that is folks like you. The holdouts are starting to realize their poor position and its harder and harder for them to rationalize what they say. Its noticeable to me.

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what he really meant to say was 'Nobody bats zero for a whole season without planning to.'

So he's saying that on the question of inexperience vs. intent, he's going with intent. That would be my take as well.

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...a comment I made on the confluence.

Obama’s current dilemma is that he is now exposed as weak and ineffectual (at the least). His political strength derived from his supposed legions of adoring fans, his fund-raising machine, and the AA vote.
The MA vote showed that the fans are gone. The “fundraising”, which we know is mostly corporate-sourced, are not going to go to someone who is radioactive during campaigns.
Reid & Pelosi are scared of what might happen in Nov. They can’t afford a leadership vacuum.
So I’m thinking the stage is set for some kind of soft coup within the Dem leadership. I am expecting to see a lot of grandstanding, backstabbing, and pre-emptive under-the-bussing.
So tonight’s STFU speech, I think, will probably be really geared more towards BO pretending to show strength against any Dem opposition or soft-coup instigators.
From that POV, the “budget freeze” theatre looks like a desperate cry of “Help, GOP! Save me from Reid & Pelosi!”