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Consider taking the fight to the corporations. They're the ones obviously wielding the clout, working both politicians and the public to their ends.

You can't negotiate when you aren't talking with the decision-makers. That's not the people in DC.

It's a thought.

Why die in a hospital when you could die in a health insurance company's lobby? Ha ha only serious.

And the runner-up? ChicagoDyke!

"[H]e's black, he must be liberal!" sat in a lot of left leaning minds, for all people didn't come right out and say that.

Yep. Although by "left," CD, I think you mean "creative class." But at least we won't have to worry about that stupid talking point any more. That's a big win going into 2010! Ha ha only serious....

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Regarding "he's black so he must be liberal":

Dig this quote:

"The only progressives who get on teevee and radio are bombthrowers who attack the president (and blacks that got confused and became Republican shills)."

So am I reading this right? The only "black" "progressives" on the teevee are "confused" and Republican shills?

No! Surely he just means "blacks" who are "Republican shills" are "confused"! Maybe it's the bright lights, their "low informations", and their inability to keep two thoughts straight in their poor heads that "confuses" the helpless creatures. Or maybe it's because they hatch from eggs? The wimmins is confused too obviously!

Stay classy Booman, stay classy.