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FITH watch: Rachel Maddow edition

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The "liberal" who makes you wish Pat Buchanan got more airtime speaks:

I think that it makes you think that it would be very awkward for a vice president to be on a ticket—for a vice presidential candidate to be on a presidential candidate's ticket after she's made repeated references to his potential death. Yes, that would be weird.
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Submitted by BDBlue on

That is weird.

I've been blissfully politics free since Friday. I see people are still insane.

BTW, do you think all of these folks know that 1) RFK was the person trying to gain on Humphrey's delegate lead (from party insiders, non-primary states) by winning votes and so would not be the "Obama" in the current campaign? or 2) that, as you pointed out before VL, Kennedy had won California and Clinton won California so, again, Obama does not equal Kennedy, or 3) that Clinton's strength is in Appalachia and that RFK's was the same and that...

Just because a bunch of crazy people want to see RFK in Obama, doesn't make him RFK. I'm just sayin'.

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b-b-b-b-but... now you're saying that hrc is comparing herself to rfk and accusing obama of waiting for her to be assassinated. /snark

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Submitted by leah on

...makes you wish Pat Buchanan got more air time...

Love it. Henceforth, should be Maddow's how she is referred to...

I saw it, too...sooooo's amazing how a couple of months of regular appearance on the tube and it becomes okay to say anything, without regard to fact or truth...

maybe we should do a Maureen Dowd on Maddow, and start inquiring into the meaning of all the mascara she wears

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I tell you, to be butch.

Her photos on the Air America website: Butch.

Her first appearances on MSNBC: Butch.

She was a beacon of "well if the guys on the panel get away with minimal pancake, well by-golly that's what I'm getting simplicity. It not only reinforced her queer image, it also signaled she was a no-bullshit kinda gal. She was there because of the quality of her opinions, not to audition to be a Fox News porn star.

But now not only has she drunk the Koolaid, she has Eaten Her Makeup, and only John Waters can tell her how dangerous that will be. It's not even a sell-out; it's a capitulation to the endless times the makeup bitches were told by management to 'get a little color on her'. She might have been doing it to make the makeup artists' lives easier. It's unfortunate, though, that it coincides with the loss of her sharpness of political opposition and taste.

I know she had to make sacrifices for power, but did it have to include her face, too?

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when all these Obama supporters claim Hillary is evil and when they claim Clinton will do anything to win and reveals the essentially Republican nature of the OFB in the destructive campaign we've seen Obama engage in with support from them.

Personally, I don't think it's a mere coincidence that many of the A-listers whose sites happily denigrate Hillary are former Republicans. They've found a likely new place to set up shop in the Democratic Party and are currently in the process of purging "undesirables" from it.

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Submitted by koshembos on

The different posts of FITH do not exhibit anything close to insanity; they exhibit clear examples of fascistic terminology. Obama gives these badmouthing a node of approval and stays away claiming plausible deniability.

Several conclusions are obvious:
- These people are not going to change no matter what.
- Obama uses the fascistic approach from day one and has no plan to change.
- Healing is not viable option.
- If Obama becomes president, this and worse will be our daily diet for four years.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Just because people are systematically destroyed through an orchestrated campaign of mass-hysteria is no cause for alarm, you know.

Submitted by lambert on

Go shopping.

I mean, at the Dollar Store, sure, but it's the fact of consumption, even of off-brand goods, that's important, not the price of the goods. Even the poorest widow can contribute her tiny mite!

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by Historiann on

is especially disappointing. I had hoped that having an outspoken and proud dyke would be a good addition and offer us a fresh point of view, but as with so many other work environments, MSNBC doesn't want *actual* diversity, they want the appearance of diversity. So, the women and the African American men on their shows end up conforming to the script written by Russert and Matthews, et. al.

Once again--as in the runup to the invasion of Iraq in 2002-03, Pat Buchanan is the only pundit there who is making sense. (Until he veers off into his reconquista rants, and it's all over for me.)

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Submitted by Pat J on

What is wrong with these people? Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes scholar and if she insists on reading "evil intent" into Hillary's mention of the June primaries of the past then what is overall intent behind this misinformation?

I am suspicious of why she would be backing a candidate who has shown little if any interest in the gay community. He deliberately chose to not be pictured standing next to Gavin Newsome who is a backer of the gay community. He did not, until recently, agree to meet with reporters from the gay community when it became apparent that he was attempting to distance himself from them. Rachel is a strong supporter of the gay community so I am unable to understand where and why she continues to give Obama a free pass while bashing Hillary in the same breath. Makes little sense.

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Submitted by amberglow on

and she's made a conscious choice to follow their script to get ahead.