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On to finishing the lining in, and then the floor!

Painted floor, of course. Very "old house." And I'm going to try lining in the baseboards. No tape! With oil, it should be easier....

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I just got registered to comment. The other day when i was at the site
there was talk about painters tape. There is a new tape out; it is similar to
the blue tape, only it is green. It is called Frog Tape and is meant to be
used when painting stripes. Supposedly the paint will not bleed under the
tape. I saw it in Home deport just a few days before the posting. I have
not used it yet.

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But please, let me know your experiences.

The issue really is, I think, that I'm dealing with an old house. Nothing is true and there are a lot of micro-curves, you might say, in things like trim and baseboards. So the tape is almost a hindrance rather than a help. Maybe, as some commenters have suggested, it's better to master the brush...

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