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WV, KY, Me and Our Message to the Hillary Haters

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I interrupt work on my dissertation to join WV, KY in giving a great big cheek scratch to the media and Obama's WWTSBQ minions in the blogosphere. Here's my song dedication to ya'll. (You can fast-forward to the last minute or so.)

This song has special meaning to me. When I was in high school, my so-called guidance councilor told me I wasn't smart enough to take AP calculus or chemistry. The last laugh was, and continues to be on her. I ended up getting to take calculus (and other courses) at New Mexico State University while in high school and in my senior year of high school I was writing tests for the very class that I wasn't smart enough to take. Now, in a few days I will be finishing all my requirements for my PhD in Biophysics at Stanford. So to my guidance councilor and everyone who told me to give up, the last minute of this song is for you!

I'm not moved by all the blogosphere blowhards talking about "the math" in the same way that Karl Rove was talking about "the math" in 2006. I'm not moved by the calls for Hillary to quit. I'm not going to give up until she decides to drop out or we take it to the convention. All your huffing and puffing is useless on me and apparently the folks in WV and KY who embarrassed your beloved "presumptive" nominee. That's right. Despite your countless millions and a media practically on Obama's payroll, your guy got humiliated--almost 400,000 more votes in two small states.

BTW, racism is real, quit trivializing it with your stupid claims jackasses. Just because we don't vote for Obama doesn't make us racists. If you gave a damn about racism you wouldn't be trying to push bogus charges because it doesn't help.

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You highlight a simple but very relevant point, it ain't over 'til it's over. If Hillary's in it to win it, who am I to tell her to get out. There are millions of voters who feel the same way.

Being the smart, savvy and seasoned campaigner that she is, I'm sure Hillary knows a few things about winning.

I love this job!

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And congratulations on successfully completing your dissertation... but boy, when you promised us a cranky post yesterday, you weren't kidding! :-)

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My hard drive died on me about a month ago so I was even more cranky a few weeks ago.

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the most testing on one's sanity... on a par with wrapping up a dissertation.

Double kudos to you, GQ.

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have two hard drives on your computer and put auto-backup storage on the second one. Also set auto-backup to take place every ten minutes.

Back in college I once had a ten-page term paper vanish on the due date just after I finished it and I was about to print it.

That's when I learned to propitiate the cyber gods with back-up. For some reason if you back stuff up religiously you never need the back-up files.

I also learned that you should never spill beer on the keyboard of a laptop. It's fatal.

“I don't belong to any organized political party. I'm a Democrat.” - Will Rogers

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I periodically backed up my data on a couple different servers I set up in my lab. I didn't lose data or much analysis, but the flexibility of being able to work from a coffee shop, or on a trip is very nice. Also, reinstalling all the software that I need. You take for granted simple things like having your printer drivers installed.

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Well done. Good for you, for ignoring the naysayers. Life is full of them, jealous and narrow-minded and unimaginative and just plain dumb. Listen to your own drummer, and just keep marching.

I say congratulations with all sincerity, even if you did go to the wrong school. Thankfully they don’t appear to have done you much harm, down there on the Farm.

Go Bears!