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Trampled by the unity pony

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A letter to BartCop from reader "Debbye":

I am an African-American who has NOT bought into the mainstream media's ploy to cut Senator Clinton
off at her knees....

As for Obama supporters, I think it's great that people are passionate about his candidacy. It's always good for society when we actually have viable choices to consider.

What I DON'T think is great, is the hostility that many display to anyone who has not chosen to support him. I experienced this backlash myself, and felt quite hurt by it. This has no resemblance to democratic ideals.

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I remember some of your posts at the cesspool called DU, where you attempted rational thought and debate only to be attacked and belittled for daring to even hint that Obama was not the Annointed One. I have never seen anything as hostile as this "unity" crowd.
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