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Did Obama or Hillary supporters get an e-mail like this today?

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Twelve more days until I vote for this guy.

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on Super Duper Tsunami Or Whatever Excessive Modifier is Currently In Vogue Tuesday as well. Although with early voting I could vote for him tomorrow if I felt like burning the gas to go to the Big City where the county building is. :)

Nice thing about primaries, you don't have to worry about being surrounded by red. Of course this being TN I'm probably in the same boat with Vicki but what the hell. he's my guy.

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I'm in Texas, so sometime in 2010 (kidding) when we have our primary I'm still voting for him, even if I have to write his name in.

Edwards is pushing the debate toward the issues. BO and Hil are talking about a horse race. Whoever is President is gonna have to deal with the issues, because they are coming home and they will not resolve themselves (Iraq, trade deficit, fed deficit, and falling standard of living for a larger part of the population).