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Huckabee: Atheists are senseless and evil

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From the NYT's portrait of Mike Huckabee:

"If integrity and character are divorced from God, they don't make sense," he writes in his book, with John Perry, "Character Makes a Difference" (B&H Publishing Group, 2007). "Integrity, left to define itself, becomes evil because everyone ends up choosing his own standards."

Lots more in the piece, but nothing we haven't heard before: that Huck is surprisingly progressive on a few issues, he's a sucker for people — no matter how evil, ironically — who claim to find Jesus, he's up to his eyeballs in small-time graft, and he's ruthless with opponents.

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It comes down to faith, as no one has been able to produce a transcendent god-body. If I showed up at Huckabee's campaign headquarters with god's corpse in tow would that make him happy? "Here, I believe in your dead god."


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huckabee is playing the ignorant card. After all, it works for bush.

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as hucksterbee defines it. look closely- what does he fear? individual choice devoid of his contruction of divinity ("god"). hell yes i believe in that!

for me, there are two uses of the term "evil." the first is secular, the way in which i use it here all the time. cheney is "evil," KBR is "evil," the occupation is "evil." because all those things bring harm to innocent people for reasons of greed and hatred. no need for any divine intervention to understand that.

the second evil is the one i'm defining here- i am Evil. i am enemy. i am a denier of god, a rejector of the tenents of organized faiths/belief systems. they know it, i know it, and according to what they hold as truth, all those things automatically disqualify me from the ranks of 'the good.' i'm not ashamed of that at all.

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Submitted by dr sardonicus on

Seriously, what Huckabee says is just standard Christian orthodoxy - to Christians, there's nothing remarkable about the need for an ultimate source of morality that is supernatural. I always have had a problem with the notion of God as the ultimate arbiter of good and evil. Where does that leave the majority of humans who live their entire lives without once hearing of YHWH? Does this mean that those who live and die without knowing of the Christian religious tradition are inherently evil?

But I am also aware of the dangers apparent in making humans the arbiters of their own moral standards. For the Christian tradition seemingly makes sense to argue that without an external moral standard, individual humans would be free to define good and evil any way they please - where do you go to appeal to decide conflict, among other messy problems? Allowing society to decide the issue leads to the tyranny of the majority, although it can easily be argued that this is exactly where religion leads us. So what I guess I'm asking is how does one discover universally applicable standards of good and evil without resorting to an invisible sky god?

...for the rest of us

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I have always thought (although of course not in a systematic fashion) that both the capacities to do, and to recognize, good and evil, arose in nature because they both had survival value for humans. (This would be the Darwinian version of original sin; and I don't see how anyone reasoning from an evidentiary basis could look back at the 20th Century and come away with the idea that humans were intrinsically, and only, good.)

For example: I remember in one of Jared Diamond's books, wrote of an interview, where a woman had three husbands; husband C had killed husband B to win her; and likewise husband B, husband A.

Well, this is rather like living in a small town--but with a vengeance. So, I imagine--and here, wholly without evidence--plenty of murders, and each time, one faction moving a day's journey away from the other faction. And so, we propagate across the planet, one murder and one day's walk at a time...

And yet, these same people are loving each other, taking care of children, rescuing each other from floods and wild animals...

Both the evil murder and the good altruism having, therefore, evolutionary value....

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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A New Year's resolution I really should make is to finally read James Morrow's God trilogy, where His body is found in the ocean.

Jim's an extraordinary writer, and also a super guy.

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... simply society-based morality, wrapped up in a mumbo-jumbo lie.

Until our born-again President, we were sailing along pretty well as a nation of laws.

I don't see why we can't be perfectly content accepting laws and moral norms that have a social, philosophical, and/or instinctual basis. To me it seems self-evident that couching moral lessons in ooga-booga hokum taints them with the scent of manure.

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I am an atheist, and proud of it. I have been an atheist since I was twelve, and I realized how ridiculous the concept of some supernatural being that created us then gave us a set of rules that, if broken, cause us to be sent to a place where we burn for all eternity, all because he loves us. The thing that convinced me was reading the bible, and seeing what crap it is. And I don't see atheism as disbelief in god, but acceptance of the fact that god does not exist.

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We got a hell of a mix here, some believers of various flavors, some non-, some trolls who pass through occasionally to glory in the fact that we're all goin' to HAIL! HAIL I TELL YOU! while pretending to weep piteously over our antifaithfuliziation.

Me, I lean to Wicca but truth be told more for the aesthetic aspects of it than real deep belief. My problem with atheism is the same as my problem with theism: on the basis of what evidence to you claim to know with absolute certainty that there is no god? There is always the possibility that, as Mark Twain I think it was said, There is a God, and He is a malign thug.


Anyway, like I said, welcome aboard. Stop by and shoot the shit with us any time ya feel like it.