If you have "no place to go," come here!

I guess I missed something

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Did this place go Heaven's Gate when I wasn't looking? Wow! A veritable ghost town...

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Yes,it's been pretty dead here. I guess lambert is busy with his duties at NC. I left a comment on the previous article,but it never showed up.

Let's see what happens to this one...

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The lights are still on so there's that. The help with funds is still on Summer WTF. We'll just have to move on without the owner.

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nothing brings a community together like a common enemy, and as of today, we've got a doozy. I think "welcome back" is appropriate, don't you?

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I stopped posting when all forms of criticism against HRC was flagged as apostate. A similar though more virulent thing occurred at and the consequences appear to have been even worse.

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That's bullshit. "All forms of criticism against HRC" were NEVER flagged as apostate here. Not even in 2008. Only regurgitated Right-Wing talking points without actual proof were rejected out of hand. Or "guilt by association" which by no surprise includes literally every person in politics including Jill Stein.

In fact, if you want to indulge your HRC hate, head over to Naked Capitalism, but you knew that.

To me personally, she is just another politician, left of center on almost every issue except with the Beltway "Responsibility to Protect" gene. But we don't have to worry about any of that now, because the most racist presidency of our lifetime is the reality now. HRC is long gone.