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American "progressives" don't mince words about where their allegiance lies

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If a bunch of nostalgic/resentful/racist oldsters vote Britain out of the EU, they'll be forcing their bitterness on a generation that doesn't want it. The truth is that Brexit will barely affect older voters either way: they mostly don't work and they mostly have only local friendships.

-Mother Jones
Kind of mirrors the epithets thrown against those of us who happened to be older and voted for Hillary in the primaries in 2008. Yes why would a bunch of Old fucks -who saw Margaret Thacher, and her successors in both parties, take away a century of gains in labor and national health- be resentful?

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Yep, on Monday the layoffs will begin. The first will be in the public services for the serfs and then? Yes, let the beating continue until the serfs admit their foolish mistake. Oh they’ll promise everything will return to normal but the new normal.

I was wondering since the serfs in once Great Britain are no longer going to fallow the path of the liberal neo-conns when is the New Amerika going bomb and invade?

This song reminds me of what a waits the citizens of GB

I do hope I'm wrong

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Divide and conquer has always been the go-to strategy for the power brokers of the world.
And whatever the result, whatever ill ensues must be easily attributed to some group of others, as long as that group does not comprise the powerful pulling the strings.

It's very disappointing that Drum plays so easily into their hands. I was wondering earlier today why so much focus is being placed on the age demographic in this particular vote.

It's becoming obvious that someone needs to be blamed for the disastrous policies of the last several decades, and it's certainly not going to be those who engineered the downfall for their own personal profit.

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The Archdruid (actually the ex-Archdruid) covers this very well. Here is a short quote:

Soon-to-be-former Prime Minister David Cameron spent much of the campaign insisting that if Britain left the EU, there would be harsh budget cuts in the National Health Service and other programs that benefit ordinary Britons. The difficulty here was of course that Cameron’s government had already inflicted harsh budget cuts in the National Health Service and other programs that benefit ordinary Britons, and showed every sign of doing more of the same—and “Brexit Will Do What We’re Doing Anyway” somehow didn’t have the clout that Cameron apparently expected it to have.

It is worth the rather long read, as it applies to the U.S. as well as England..