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The war party

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The Coming Democratic Crackup

But a President Clinton’s transformation of the Democratic Party into “an aggressive war party,” whereas under President Barack Obama it has been “a reluctant war party,” would force principled anti-war Democrats to stop making excuses and to start trying to expel Clinton’s neocon pro-war attitudes from the party.

All it needs to mobilize the anti-war movement in the reinstatement on the draft. Jackie Speier's proposal to have women register for the Selective Service looks like the first step to that end. For the moment her proposal has been sidelined:

Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 Democrat in the House, criticized the committee move, casting it as an attempt by Republicans to avoid subjecting "their members to a vote on equality for women, and they ought to."

Democratic war mongers are attempting to cast this as a women's equality issue, it isn't. This is an attempt to reimpose the draft. The answer is NOT to have women subject to the draft, the answer is to abolish the Selective Service altogether.

There is still time to nominate Bernie and end the endless wars.

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Bernie Sanders is not going to be the Democratic party nominee. End of story.