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Hillary Clinton and Electoral Fraud

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Why we need an investigation into electoral fraud favoring Hillary Clinton

This is a systematic analysis of recent election irregularities.

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How about you read the article and then regurgitate the highlights here. Most of the "fraud" was republican manipulation of the voting process by either moving registration dates way up in advance or reducing the number of voting places. Reducing the number of voting places actually hurt Hillary Clinton more than it did Bernie Sanders.
Bernie Sanders gained a massive advantage in all the caucus contests simply because his supporters overall skew younger than Hillary Clinton's and they were more willing to wait it out or go a farther distance to vote so to imply that the advantages favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders is pedantic.
Bernie Sanders, an independent candidate, being allowed to run as a democrat was a very generous allowance on the part of the democrat party and Hillary Clinton has had to put up with Sander's constant babbling that he would do better against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton would, BECAUSE SANDERS SUPPORTERS VOTE FOR TRUMP WHEN THE POLL QUESTION IS BETWEEN TRUMP AND CLINTON.
Bernie Sanders is 3.1 million votes behind Hillary Clinton.
The only thing that the Sanders people can complain about in my opinion is showing the super delegate total added into Hillary Clinton's total. The media should have first showed the pledged delegate totals and then maybe showed the total, and explaining the two. But that one point is easily countered by the barely surviving progressive media taking monies from secret republican operatives in exchange for making unfair accusations against Hillary Clinton.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

I reluctantly agree with dailyPuma re; the charges of election fraud leveled at Clinton; not her fault.
However, there are more than enough charges against Clinton including war crimes. Even a cursory look at her record over many decades reveal a thoroughly corrupt history of human rights violations and a hawkish-ness in the extreme.
With a gun to my head, I would not vote for this U.S. war criminal/murderer...