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A Commie critique of Bernie

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Bernie for America at this point is like ordering new windshield wipers for a sinking Titanic: we gotta throw the 1% outta the lifeboats!

In the early part of the 20th century, there was a broad movement of people in the United States who advocated the overthrow of capitalism. Among them were many revolutionaries like Eugene Debs, William Z. Foster, Lucy Parsons, and Paul Robeson. However, there was another current of people who called themselves “socialists” but had no interest in revolution. They were called “sewer socialists.” The term originated in reference to Victor L. Berger, a “socialist” who ran on a platform of improving the city’s sewer system and eventually became the mayor of Milwaukee. The sewer socialists did not want to overthrow capitalism, but simply to be elected to local public office and improve government policy. They wanted to make a global system built on exploitation of people all over the world a little more comfortable for those living within the western economic centers.

US Senator Bernie Sanders is running for president, and openly describes himself as a “socialist.” Despite using this word to describe himself, with many well intentioned anti-capitalist activists supporting him, Sanders’ platform in reality articulates a strategy for strengthening global monopoly capitalism and its expanding militarism.

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@ Rangoon78

What an excellent (and thorough) critique of Sanders. You hit it all.
I have been saying (to a non-hearing audience) there are no viable relevant candidates running in 2016.
IMO, elections are a rigged game; no longer meaningful or relevant.

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I hadn't listened, but have done; excellent. Hedges hits all the points; and (as I've been saying), no change will come from within the totally corrupt, two party system.
And people wonder why I get so upset with the banal discussions about republicans, democrats and the 2016 elections; clueless...
Thank you for that great link.

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is that he is the most electable lesser evil.

I'm not sure that anyone actually expects a prophet to lead us out of the wilderness, just someone who would make an attempt to inject a little reality into our present Versailles on the Potomac. He is a Seventies Democrat being portrayed as a bomb throwing Russian revolutionary in the comments sections of virtually all of our media already. Electing him is going to be a hard enough slog without trying for an actual Eugene Debs.

Getting one of those is going to require a full on collapse at this point and I doubt that many of us are advocating for that, if for no other reason than because we just do not have the time.

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Sanders advocacy of worker cooperatives will be a defacto dismantling of capitalism, except it is not in the script of professional lefties. I also think that lefties are threatened by the prospect of actual power.

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The defense of Clinton, as with Obama and Clinton before him, from any criticism regardless of what they do would seem to support your theory. It is always mindboggling to me how one can fight tooth and nail over a "Republican" war, say, one day and then defend the "Democratic" purveyors of it the next. The status quo is just far too comfortable for a lot of so-called lefties to abandon.