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The kleptocracy is getting nervous

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Poll: Most Americans unwilling to vote for a socialist

Just 47 percent of Americans would vote for a socialist if their party nominated one, while 50 percent said they would not, while 58 percent said they would have no problem voting for an atheist in their party

First of all, 47% is a pretty good number, higher that I would have guessed. Secondly Americans are not being asked to vote for a generic socialist, they are being asked to vote for Bernie Sanders, a very different proposition.

What this really tells us is that we have left to lovable curmudgeonly fluffy socialist from Vermont who could not possibly get elected. We have now reached the stage were Sanders is being taken seriously, so I hope his team is ready for what comes next.

I would caution readers from assuming that furture negative stories about Sanders are coming from the Clinton campaign, although we will be encouraged to think that. Bernie is not running against Clinton, he is running against Wall Street and we can depend upon Wall Street to come after him.

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Yes it sure is and now the noise machine of lame stream media will have to start on trying to knock it down a few notches and hopefully it will backfire.

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The Kleptocracy should be nervous, but the Creditocracy remains in their seats.
First, the salient point being made is that Dem voters will not be choosing among a 'socialist' and the Clintons, but between Bernie and Hillary, as is well said.
Bernie's track record in Vermont has been made, esp. meaning his broad popularity, by people of all political suasion. Many conservatives there love Bernie.
Bernie doesn't run as a socialist, and the electorate will soon tire of the MSM empty rhetoric. Bernie runs on the issues, and voters have a much higher 'connection' with those issues than they do being against socialism (which is what?).
Bernie is, in reality, a pretty ordinary social democrat, which is what puts him on the people's side, while Clinton is just another Corporate Democrat, and that will be the defining divide of the coming dialogue.
I predict that Bernie will largely ignore Clinton's failures and growing packet of problems, and focus on what needs doing, his vision for which will carry us to a new politic in this country.
If only Bernie understood the money system, we would have a real revolution of economic democracy .... one that no socialist throughout history has ever understood.
For the Money System Common.