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Obama's second line of computer code

Here's the first:

"moveForward(100);" may now be the most famous line of JavaScript in history -- it's what President Barack Obama wrote Monday as he reportedly became the first United States president to write a computer program.

Here's the second:



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Submitted by lambert on

Not enough for me, because words are wind...

But it's still good to hear. Good for O'Malley.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

I have been in a terse e-mail exchange with my wingnut Congressman lately. He, apparently, takes offence at being called a liar and a traitor. Go figure. Anyway, he dislikes the idea of my taking up the art of op-ed writing again at the newspaper. He remembered my "inflammatory efforts" during the Bush Administration. That was a long time ago and he still has a headache, poor creature.

Sometimes all it takes is someone willing to just put it out there. I HATED writing those, which is why I appreciate those of you who enjoy it and do it so well.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Everything from water quality standards to the Panama Canal to the funny coincidence of two adulterers decrying adultery to why it would be a mistake to invade Afghanistan. The water quality standards one still amuses me: not that this is in any way funny, but the flesh eating bacteria that ate a students' arms here a few years ago was something that I warned were the consequences of invading Afghanistan.

Now I feel kind of prescient, but back then I just got stomach aches from writing them.

They were well received even in this reddest of the red area. You cannot argue with facts that you can look up, and you just look like a fool for trying...something that I never allowed to go unnoticed....but, then, I AM an asshole.

Not that I ever wanted to be.