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Jack Trammell (D), throws the working class under the bus in Virginia's District 7

A Kossack, as a Kossack would, made a special trip to record Jack Trammell -- Cantor-slayer David Brat's Democratic opponent, and, in a cute story, a professor with Brat at Randolph-Macon College -- addressing the Hanover County Democratic Committee in Ashland, VA on June 14, 2014. Here it is:

Trammell's got that slow and syrupy Mr. Rogers tone down cold, no? I think Trammell could mug Brat, given funding. Because debating Trammell would be like kicking a puppy. And if the Democrats don't give Trammell funding, they're idiots or so Machiavellian you could use them to uncork a wine bottle. The transcript from the YouTube (any errors are mine) shows why:

[12:47 TRAMMELL] I have an ongoing commitment especially to reducing barriers that are related to identity, and this includes race, gender choice, religious creed, and most personally to me, disability. This "anthropology of otherness," as I call it [with] a capital O [unclear] This has been constant theme in my academic career and my personal life, and reveals to me great examples of how we fought battles but the war hasn't been won. It's fifty years after the Civil Rights Act. Nobody would argue that we haven't made improvements, but it's hard to argue that the war is not [sic] over. And so for me, we have to keep fighting. We have to recognize when we make progress, but we have to keep fighting.

Notice anything left out? How about class? Being working class isn't an "identity"? And after a campaign where David Brat said this (via Susie Madrak):

[BRAT] All of the investment banks, up in New York and D.C., they should have gone to jail.

Brat throws down the class warfare card, and Trammell -- a Democrat -- can't trump it? WTF? He doesn't even try; I guess he thinks sending banksters to jail is one "barrier" that shouldn't be "reduced," eh? So, if you were Goldman Sachs, or Bank of America, or Citi, where would you put your money? Trammell goes on:

[14:25 TRAMMELL] This is why Audrey and I are going to be working with you in this district in the next seven months, to energize optimism.

Wait, wait. Doesn't "optimism" sound like "hope and change," except with three syllables in one fancy word, one of which is an "-ism", not three words of one syllable? And we've had a Democratic President since 2008; could there be some reason why "optimism" hasn't been "energized"?

[TRAMMELL] I joined the Democrats early on in my life because they generally rejected what I would call historical-based pessimism. Democrats haven't been afraid to envision something better. Sometimes people will talk about the inevitablility of inequality.

Importantly, Trammell doesn't say "income inequality," the wussy progressives way of saying "class warfare." Nope. Just "inequality." Can Trammell really believe that a disabled person whose parents work at Walmart, and a disabled person whose parents are CEOs at Bank of America are going to have "equal" outcomes in life? Even if their "identities" as disabled persons are addressed -- as they should be -- by reducing "barriers" to disabled persons?

[TRAMMELL] They will say that it's just the natural state of things that people aren't equal and that some groups are superior to others. I want you to know from the beginning that I reject the inevitability of inequality. Some people would portray that as unrealistic and naive, and my answer again would be the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Absolutely, but how about giving a shout-out to the Wagner Act? Or the Great Society? Or Social Security and Medicare?

Progress only occurs when you reach.

For what? That's always been the weakness of "progressive" as a term; "progress" toward what?

You have to reach. And you have to be optimistic. You have to believe that there can be something that can change.

"Hope and change" combined with "the Confidence Fairy" sounds a lot like the first Obama administration, doesn't it? We know how that story ends because we're living it.

[TRAMMELL] Now I know this, and I think you know it too. I know people in Hanover, and people in Hanover want to reach. Do you want to reach? [audience: Yeah!] I want to reach.

And again, "reach" what? Reach isn't enough; you've got to "grasp." And grasp what? Who knows? But there's one thing we know Trammell doesn't want to grasp, reach for, or even mention: Class, and the "inequality" between people who "work every day" (here's Jesse Jackson's great speech, for comparison) and the very, very few they work for.

Bottom line: Trammell should get funding because he's straight down the mainstream of Democratic ideology. Identity politics is jake with the angels. Class warfare must never be mentioned.

NOTE Jesse Jackson's "they work every day" speech:

From the transcript:

Leadership must meet the moral challenge of its day. What's the moral challenge of our day? We have public accommodations. We have the right to vote. We have open housing. What's the fundamental challenge of our day? It is to end economic violence. Plant closings without notice -- economic violence. Even the greedy do not profit long from greed -- economic violence.

Most poor people are not lazy. They are not black. They are not brown. They are mostly White and female and young. But whether White, Black or Brown, a hungry baby's belly turned inside out is the same color -- color it pain; color it hurt; color it agony.

Most poor people are not on welfare. Some of them are illiterate and can't read the want-ad sections. And when they can, they can't find a job that matches the address. They work hard everyday.

I know. I live amongst them. I'm one of them. I know they work. I'm a witness. They catch the early bus. They work every day.

They raise other people's children. They work everyday.

They clean the streets. They work everyday. They drive dangerous cabs. They work everyday. They change the beds you slept in in these hotels last night and can't get a union contract. They work everyday.

No, no, they are not lazy! Someone must defend them because it's right, and they cannot speak for themselves. They work in hospitals. I know they do. They wipe the bodies of those who are sick with fever and pain. They empty their bedpans. They clean out their commodes. No job is beneath them, and yet when they get sick they cannot lie in the bed they made up every day. America, that is not right. We are a better Nation than that. We are a better Nation than that.

That's what a Democrat used to sound like. How shameful and degrading that the Democrats have become what they have become.

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The name says it all:

past tense: trammelled; past participle: trammelled
deprive of freedom of action.
"those less trammeled by convention than himself"
synonyms: restrict, restrain, constrain, hamper, confine, hinder, handicap, obstruct, impede, hold back, tie down, hamstring, shackle, fetter More

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I notice that even in his highest priority subject - education - he's not specific about what he wants to do. How does he want to go further on student loans? How much more should teachers be paid, and where will the money come from?

In short, it sounds like fifteen minutes of pablum.