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Radio Free Corrente? Really?

I see that there is a Drupal module for icecast -- the site runs on Drupal. (Here's the software). What icecast does:

Icecast was created in December 1998/January 1999 by Jack Moffitt and Barath Raghavan to provide an open source audio streaming server that anyone could modify, use, and tinker with

Apparently, yes, it is possible to create an Internet radio station with icecast; although I assume it's a pig to configure (which I could do) and I can't imagine how it would handle call-ins, an obvious necessity, this sounds kinda keen.

Anybody interested? I grant this is kinda "Let's put on a show," but what the heck...

UPDATE And yes, it can be installed on the server my host uses. The only thing I'm not crystal clear on is filling all that dead air....

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Submitted by lambert on

I'm not sure how rational this is, and it might take a lot of work. On the other hand, it might really extend our reach.

Suppose it was an hour a day, or something. Would that strike you as serious? I imagine there's some sort of rule, one hour of broadcast == x hour of preparation, so...

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Submitted by danps on

Make it happen. If I may, though: maybe just start with one show a week. An hour on the weekend (or whenever your downtime is) so you can prepare for it, line up guests as needed, and put your best foot forward. You'd probably be making it up as you go along at first. Maybe after a few months you could roll out a more intensive schedule, but it might be good to start slowly.

Submitted by lambert on

You blog, right?

I was thinking of an hour a day as an easy schedule!

That said, I think it does make sense to think about quality as opposed to quantity. Really get the format put together. Obviously, I don't mind an improvised high-wire act in complete view of the public, since I do two of them already, but maybe a third would be a little much.

Have you ever done radio?

NOTE There is also the issue of local radio in a small enough area that no FCC license is required. A friend of mine set that up, with an automatic free playlist generated by Pandora (???), and people really liked it.

So it might be interesting to combine that idea -- which would require some money for the antenna -- with the broadcast idea. Then repeat the "live" stuff on tape during drive time to the university.

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Submitted by danps on

No, no experience in radio.

The local broadcast idea is interesting. I wonder if you could set up Radio Lambert's Neighborhood for terrestrial broadcast and then stream it to the world online. The terrestrial part might make it affordable to do music as well, which would be cool.

But again, no experience in that department so I could be completely wrong.