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Failures and disappointments open thread

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Inspired by my most recent post, which got less notice and comment than anything I've written in a long time - even though I put quite a bit of work into it.

So what have you done recently that didn't work out as well as you'd hoped? No self-flagellation please; no sense in beating yourself up any more than you might already have.

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Was assessed 2 hours a day as a CareGiver even though I provide round the clock supervision and assistance as needed. Share of Cost reduced that amount to negative 50 dollars a month.

So giving up my award winning business netted me negative 50 dollars a month as a CareGiver in California. Thanks, Governor Brown, who loves to chortle how he is balancing the California Budget by whacking CareGivers in the knees.

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

Well for what it's worth, I thought that was a tremendous post. Unfortunately, if you want a wide audience is probably the wrong place for you ;)

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Submitted by quixote on

With the push of a second heads-up, I read the article. Excellent! Plus a boatload of informative links. One of the best things I've read on the bridge-to-green-future BS.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

Realizing I grew up learning lies and propaganda; devastating. Working for corporate America as an employee, crushing.
Failures? Functioning in the U.S. social structure and society in general.
But, I got better by learning the truth, no, the facts (truth is too nebulous and subjective), and, I left.
Never been happier...

Submitted by Fran on

I was supervising/ mentoring a college intern this past Fall. One event we put on at her college - she really did the work - was the film "Why We Fight". She and I both watched it several times to prepare to discuss it. She did a great job with designing a poster and we both did publicity. She even got professors involved. The turnout was not high, and most students left before it was over. We had a small group left at the end, which included a couple of people from the community, and it was a good discussion. Talking it over afterwards, I suddenly realized that she was upset, feeling that it was a failure. I told her I did not feel that way because she did a great job. It was out of her control. I said it was a lesson that no matter how well you prepare for an event, the outcome is unpredictable. We do activism, organizing. It is often frustrating, but there are also pleasant surprises. You have to just keep doing it, going out there. It does make a difference, even if you do not see it. We also grow, learn about ourselves and the world, in the process, 'failure' or 'success'. Fortunately for her, our next event on college, a Syrian American speaker, was a great success - well attended by all ages, with respectful listening and good questions. I was glad it was the speaker event that got the audience for the sake of the speaker. You never know all the variables involved - what else is going on. It may be nothing you did or did not do.

Submitted by lambert on

... will do.

I may have this story wrong, but IIRC Another Mother for Peace, a very successful group in the Ban the Bomb movement that stopped the insanity of open air testing and got nuclear negations started --- other old timers correct me -- was started by one person who saw Benjamin Spock doing a very small and apparently unsuccessful protest.

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