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The Democrats are indeed "doomed"

I get letters:

Great subject line: "Doomed." I love it! But there is so much else to love in this letter....

1) "To be honest." Words fail me.

2) "the first quarterly deadline" is a fine example of the deadly disease of Kos-ism, where the clever use of insider lingo dupes the marks into thinking they're actually part of the process.

3) Suggested support: $8.00. It used to be $3.00! That's the number they plug in for somebody who's never given those asshats a dime. So, I don't know why they're bumping it up. Maybe they're desperate. Or maybe they think I'm forgetful, and they think they can fool me into believing I've already given something to them with that fake-looking "Supporter Record" number.

But the very best part:

4) "your grassroots support this year has been nothing short of incredible." Really? What's so incredible about zero, zilch, nada? I mean, aren't they used to that by now?

Hey Democrats! I've got an idea! Stop sucking!

NOTE I also really, really hate that "stand with" locution, because I remember how the Obot running my caucus in Maine made the Hillary supporters come down out of the bleachers to "stand with" each other, because there were fewer of them, and it would be easier for the Obama supporters if they didn't have to leave their seats. Not that I bear any grudges.

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I'm sure they could get more donations if they had put more people to work, or hadn't forced their base to buy lousy health insurance, or hadn't steered 93% of income gains to the richest 1%. Blood from a stone, and all.

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Submitted by par4 on

I'm confused. How can they be doomed? W. was supposed to have destroyed the Republicans. Surely a Republican controlled House with 10% approval rating will be demolished by the Democrats.

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Submitted by Notorious P.A.T. on

I'm with you, Par4. Almost every day I look at liberal political websites and see some variation on "Republcians are doomed because of this that and the other." Yet Democrats keep begging for money.

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The Koch brothers and ALEC have redrawn state lines which is going to make holding the Senate problematic for Democrats until the next Constitution.

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demos aren't doomed in my book, they are DOA.

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Love how you do textual analysis (we used to learn that in school).

You know what that email reminds me of - exactly? Those "sweepstakes" letters that used to arrive in my mailbox at least once a week -- "You've won A Bililon Dollars!" -- with the fake check, the fake "certificate of winning," etc.

Actually it also reminds me of the ObamaCare turbo-slimy and lyin' statements, websites, planted "exposes" etc. The jump from $3 to $8 is just like the "cheaper than your cell phone line" where all silence re. deductibles, copays, not-covereds, etc. Peas in a Yuck Pod. A Pox on all their houses. Ugh.

I hope your post goes viral like an ebola pandemic :)

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How can I learn to make neat pictures like this. Do you scan the letter into computer and then what do yo use to make the big swoopy arrow. I can't find it in Word.

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One place you can do simpler type graphics is in "Preview" - click on "Tools" ...

Otherwise this looks like Illustrator or P-shop?

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DownWithTyranny has been documenting how Steve Israel and the DCCC are throwing the 2914 election. I am too lazy to dig up the links, but almost every day he has another installment of how this election is being thrown.

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the DCCC are throwing the 2914

Thick Fingers I hope:) I will be very dead by then not that I cared, in 2014 will be voting Green in Callie.

dnc hates true progressives.

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seriously? you have a terminal condition? wow, very sorry to hear this.

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I expect I'll be dead by 2914 also. But my only terminal condition is living now.

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4) "your grassroots support this year has been nothing short of incredible." Really? What's so incredible about zero, zilch, nada?

Oh Lambert, I don't know about that. Your take-downs of the wretched ACA and your textual analysis of our Lawyer-in-Chief's logorrhea definitely count as "grassroots support"...just not the type they're looking for. But then, I'm thinking of "grassroots support" in terms of supporting the "grassroots," not in terms of the grassroots handing over their dough to our crooked politicians.

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to mainstream reporters.

Actually, they're saying that it's just an appeal to the Base for money.

They [Julie Mason, "The Press Pool"] also say that a recent poll shows that a lot of people don't even know who the Koch Brothers are. I think that they're probably correct.

I can remember when Dems derided Republicans for going after George Soros. And now it appears that they've wound up adopting the same practices that they claim to despise.

I know that some of the Dem "spin" on Alex Sinks' race was not in keeping with mainstream media reporting. (MSM claims that the Dem Party had the edge in overall fundraising, not to mention that Sinks' overall had a much better campaign apparatus then her Repub or Libertarian opponents.)

Sounds to me like an attempt at more distraction.

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Submitted by Alexa on

[I must say, none in our family do.]

But according to Peter Beinart in The New Republic [of course, you might ask, like I did--what does he know? he may as well be a Republican!]

The only economic issue on which Millennials show much libertarian instinct is the privatization of Social Security, which they disproportionately favor. . . .


They are also more dovish on foreign policy. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are close to half as likely as the Reagan-Clinton generation to accept sacrificing civil liberties in the fight against terrorism and much less likely to say the best way to fight terrorism is through military force.

Maybe this explains why PBO and the Dem Party (Establishment) Leadership is willing to go after Social Security! I've been scratching my head for several years, now, trying to figure this out.

It also may give Rand Paul a real inroad to garner a fair number of youth voters. Especially with his stronger (than Establishment Dems or Repubs) stance on Civil Liberties.

Today's Democratic Party may be willing to cut Social Security, but it certainly wouldn't be considered very "dovish."

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They have somehow silently ended democracy.

This is because jobs are going away due to automation- so they want to end freedom first.

There is no adult supervision going on, obviously.

It's what happens when they throw 10,000 evils at America at the same time. This is truly a takeover by evil people doing evil things. Its a war on the people.

Its like that show where people would go into a supermrket and grab as much stuff as they could at the same time. The theives are grabbing as much as they can as fast as they can.

This may be the country's lesson, perhaps we need some structural changes like de-emphasizing politicians, government by direct voting/eliminate electoral college, give people the right to vote, not just be treated equally.

End corporate personhood. Get money out of politics. End political action committees. Ban corporate political spending. Unionize consumers.

We should also ban slavery, not just ban it by race.

Of course, they would then start a war with one another and by accident kill everybody.



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shortly (today, I hope, unless I end up with other duties). See here; I think you joined after that discussion had been going on awhile,

In any case, I invite you to cast your eye over the 12 Reforms especially, in view of what you know about "trade" deals (a.k.a. eliminating the nation-state in favor of a trans-national market state controlled by a few hundred oligarchs).