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What's with all the kids wearing animal hats?

(With the dangling mittens.)

I'm not getting the zeitgeist, here.

On the one hand, the animals -- which could be thought of as benign "totem animals" -- seem generally cute to me, as do their kids.

On the other, the animals tend to be.... well, predators.

NOTE By "kids" I mean "kids these days," meaning college students, too.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

In my neighborhood I see only young children, under twelve, mostly under ten, wearing cute animal hats. Mostly kitty and bear hats. Predators, but not like pictured above, cute cartoon predators.

Submitted by lambert on

Though there's plenty of stuff that falls into that category. I think it's kind of sweet and funny, actually. I saw a high school chess club in the university union yesterday and one of the boys was a tiger (I forget the other one). Is it a nerd thing?

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Adventure Time is a kids show that has caught the attention of a set of adult geeks/nerds, much like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. I've heard it's awesome, all about the adventures of a boy and his dog(the dog reminds me of the professor dog from Rocky & Bullwinkle). Finn, the main character wears an animal hat.