If you have "no place to go," come here!

Anybody up for a New York Corrente meet-up Friday evening, March 1?

I am coming down to "the city" for an Occupy Data workshop (event here), but I should be done around 6:00PM.

My thought was to get together at some Chinese restaurant in Chinatown around 7:30, which would be cheap-ish, and we could also have a lot of dishes. But I'd need help picking the venue, and I'm totally open to any place where the food is good and low budget (though I have to get back near Brooklyn's Green Point to crash).

Anybody up for this? We can do more planning closer to the date.

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I was starting to feel like nobody was going to come.

I don't know if a lot of planning is needed; I think we have a requirement of cheap! And possibly a large party. My thought was whatever the restaurant of the moment is in Chinatown, because I like Chinatown and also we could have many dishes!

Submitted by lambert on

And I'm not sure I want the location in a public forum.

I'll put up an Event and people can sign up there. I will consult with local subject matter experts and mail out the location to people who sign up. Will that work as a process?