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Rand Paul calls John Brennan on drones

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Rand Paul Will Block John Brennan Until He Gets an Answer About Drones

After the scuttled nomination of Susan Rice and rumblings about stopping Chuck Hagel's, it looks as though a Senator may actually pull out their one big "check and balance" gun and put a hold on an Obama nominee. Rand Paul has announced to the world that he will block the nomination of John Brennan to run the CIA until he gets a satisfactory answer on drone policy.


Who knew that Rand Paul of all people would have socially redeeming value?

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Submitted by lambert on

... but on issues like this I'm a heck of a lot more comfortable talking to my friends who lives in the woods with guns than with my NPR-listening Obama-voting "liberal" friends.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

I don't know anyone who lives in the woods well enough to have chats with them. Among the people I do know, I find I'm a lot more closely aligned with libertarians than I am with Obama voters on this issue.

Yes, that thought sometimes makes me crazy.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

I can't decide whether I should feel blessed or fearful that the libertarian types I talk to are all ok with the destruction of the safety net and the indiscriminate destruction of brown people and the encroaching police state.

Submitted by lambert on

The ones I talk to are very conscious of the police state. Then again, it's self selection since they moved here to live in the woods.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

It is, and mostly motivated by racism, IMO. They think their poor white asses will be exempt from police brutality, and are glad that the "terrists" are gettin' "theirs".

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Submitted by a little night ... on

It doesn't make me crazy.

Maybe that means I'm not "normall". But I\m starting to think that matters less than I once thoughr.

And dang, folks, I never thought it mattered. I'm one of those F'ing Hippies.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

We're saying that we're a lot more comfortable with (abstract) Rand Paul than with the POTUS, Heck, it even makes me crazy. and I'm one of them dirty F Hippies...But then, I've never been comfortable with Oblabla. I't's just the idea that (heaven help us) Rand Paul is more coherent? I can't stand it...But there it is....

Submitted by Lex on

Just remember (and tell your libertarian acquaintances) that the word grew out of Socialism. In its most extreme, it's a form of anarchy. Less extreme and it's a form of Socialist thought that doesn't propose a massive state in control of everything, but rather a socialist framework that attempts to maximize individual liberty.

While i still haven't written down the full idea within the American context, i call myself a socialist-libertarian. You simply cannot extricate the individual from the context of human society. You simply cannot have individual liberty without a functioning state (i.e. context), but there comes a point as well where an over-functioning state will be detrimental to individual liberty.

Of course libertarians like the Pauls are new word libertarians and fetishist of economic libertarianism of the modern American type. I find myself agreeing with that type up to a point, but also dismally disappointed with them in most cases of civil libertarianism because so much of it is lib service. And there's their weird and generally Randian ideas about individuality. They hate it when you point out how much of Rand's philosophy was aped directly from extreme left-wing philosophers in Russia. They much prefer the bad interpretation of Nietzsche that she carries to illogical ends in the great tradition of Russian philosophy.