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Obama to help with candidate recruitment in 2014

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Obama to Help House Democrats Recruit Candidates

Obama will headline eight fundraising events in 2013 for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and more fundraisers are planned for 2014. But Obama’s agreement to help DCCC Chairman Steve Israel of New York make the sell to would-be candidates in targeted districts is also significant.

Obama and Israel care far more about controlling the Democratic party than winning. This does not look good for the Democrats' chances.

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Dems, if they win.

Intersting, since Obama seemed to not lift a finger to help Dems in 2010.

Does he feel he needs Dems, especially ConservaDems, to pass his Most Glorious Homage to St. Ronnie, his cuts to SocSec and Medicare? he doesn't have enough as of now? So he needs more Corporatist Dems to offset the Mad Tea Partiers?