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Two good posts on Aaron Swartz

They exemplify a small-c conservative view, but the perspective is interesting and useful.

Part I; part II.


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Either way, he seems to exemplify people who can take the 20,000 foot lofty intellectual view and say well, this is all debatable and no harm was done, maybe it was justified anyway. Except that a man was hounded to suicide - well, he just shouldn't have been so upset by being prosecuted because it was all so very academic, apparently.

Bullshit. When the penalty for a victimless, profitless property 'crime' is potentially higher than for child abuse, robbery or manslaughter, there's something slightly amiss, eh?

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... the premises, it's very well-reasoned (and not nutty).

In particular, as I understand it, part of civil disobedience against an unjust law is exactly accepting the real possibility of going to jail. So I agree with the writer on that point, which is little mentioned. (Which is not the same as agreeing with the prosecution, or the penalities, or the exercise of discretion.)