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Obama throws women under the bus to suck up to the religious right

Film at 11.

Why is it that right wing Christians are the only ones who get "conscience clauses"? How come I can't get a conscience clause on war spending, for example?

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Submitted by twig on

Why are those boneheads getting special treatment and the rest of us have to suck on it? Thanks -- once again! -- for nothing, Mr. Preznint.

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Submitted by lambert on

Obama is saying that religious qualms are more important than that.

Well, if it's not OK to force the religious to deliver medical services uniformly, as a matter of conscience, why is it OK to force me to pay for drones or torture, which I am against, as a matter of conscience.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

While I agree that matters of conscience like this should be treated more equitably, I also don't see how this throws women under the bus. Can anyone explain why they think that? That's not a rhetorical question. I recognize that I just may not be connecting all the dots here.