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Why would Chicago be different than any other city?

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Most Shooters In Chicago Don't Face Charges

Chicago’s top cop said the “no-snitch” code of silence on the street is the biggest contributor in his department’s struggle to charge shooters.

Here in DC we also have no snitch codes, but people still go to jail on attempted murder charges. So what is going on Chicago? Violence has skyrocketed since Rahm Emanuel took over. Something is going on, but what?

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So first things first, the idea put forth in that article that punishment will deter crime is pretty stupid. If it actually did that, there wouldn't be much crime. So CPD is saying that they need "snitches" to get more convictions to deter crime. Which is pretty god damned nonsensical.

Second, "no snitching" has very good reasons behind it. The obvious one is that snitching will often lead to retaliation, and i can promise you that the CPD isn't going to go out of its way to protect the snitches it so desperately wants. More importantly, any criminal lawyer worth half of their law degree will tell you, "Never talk to the cops without a lawyer. Not as a suspect, not as witness, not even as a victim." Now that's a shame and all, but it stems from both the basic structure of our legal system and the fact that the police are the biggest organized crime syndicate in America; they are simply not to be trusted, not any of them, not one of them individually. They regularly charge people who initially come to their attention as witness or even victims for things unrelated to the original crime. The bulk of their training is in how to get people to give up their rights. It starts with "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Answer and you've waived your 5th amendment right voluntarily. When they don't Mirandize you upon arrest, try and prove it. They'll lie, and every other cop will lie for another cop.

No snitching, while detrimental to poor, urban communities that are regularly victimized by both crime and the police, is - unfortunately - the right thing to do. Maybe in DC there's more snitching, better prosecutors, less concern for following the law, or better cops. However, without statistics similar to what CPD claims in the article, a comparison is difficult.

And it's not necessarily Rahm, though he likely doesn't help ... though again statistics would be helpful. A quick search using the chosen word "skyrockets" pretty much all winds back to a single article from early 2012 showing a 1st quarter YoY rise from 75 to 120 and what the city claims to be a strong connection to gangs. Of course, Rahm has a plan for that and it's longer sentences and racketeering charges.

Wikipedia shows expected cycles in homicides in Chicago with 70 more in 2012 than 2011, but that's 7 less than 2008 and a lot (like 100+) lower than every year from 2002 back to 1990.

comparing DC to Chicago is tough because of the 2M person difference in population, but 2010 stats show a higher rate of violent crime in DC per 100K. 2012 looks to have been a great year for homicide rates in DC. 2011 only saw 108 and 2012 was predicted to be less than 100, but for the period between 2000 and 2011 (which included 2,300 murders in DC), only 1/3 of them led to a conviction. And as a few articles have pointed out, the gentrification to make room for all the apparatchiks has been a huge contributor in lowering the crime rate of DC proper.

Don't get me wrong. Rahm's a fucking asshole, but this may not be the way to prove it or a very good comparison.