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PBS on Breuer Departure -- Contrition and Groveling to Regain Access?

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Paragraph 1 quotes the WaPo acolades about Breuer the aggressive enforcer of financial crime laws.
Paragraph 2 stitches together a couple of statements Breuer made on The Untouchables, e.g., "when we found evidence we prosecuted," or "it's hard to prove intent" [my paraphrases].

Is PBS apologizing to DOJ for doing a "hit piece" to recover its Acess to DOJ Press Office?


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Not even. Look more closely. The "PBS said" part is PBS copying WaPo's "LB, who led the DOJ's efforts to stamp out financial crime ..." [paraphprase] without making it clear that it's a quote from WaPo, suggesting it is presented as a statement of fact. Not even one line re, e.g., "LB has been criticized for ..." Just says he appeared on PBS Frontline show.

P.S. As of 08:44 EST looks like news embargo of the story across MSM. NYT, WSJ, or any other. Coverage is status quo as of late last night (i.e., 2 original blog posts -- Yves and Masaccio -- and pick ups in a few blogs (Kos, WiednerLaw, EmptyWheel, etc.)