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Vice-and-Virtue Police Patrol Aleppo

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Revolutionary Military Council (Aleppo)

Revolutionary Military Council (Aleppo)

According to alakhbar English, the so-called Revolutionary Military Council, having declared an independent Islamic state in Syria’s largest city Aleppo, has banned women from driving. They have also made prayer compulsory, as well as creating a Saudi-like vice-and-virtue police to enforce these and other Islamic precepts.

Syrian women, who fly planes, join the army and serve as judges, and many secular opposition activists are appalled by this development. In contrast, Sunni rebels welcome it, arguing “it is part-and-parcel of the freedom revolution, which means that the conservative Muslim majority has the right to impose its views on society, as long as it is the majority” and “Syrian society will find it difficult at first, as was the case with our Saudi brothers a century ago, but they will eventually discover that their purpose is to apply Islam and justice.”

Could someone please remind to me exactly why the Obama administration has been supporting – with arms, training and other aid – this misogynous “freedom revolution”? When the Taliban treat Afghan women this way, it’s used to justify the continuing US occupation of Afghanistan.

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This is about what you can expect in any civil war/insurrection situation. Everyone is going to reach for control. Some people are going to do more than write strongly worded essays. It's not right, but that's how the world works.