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The Fecal Times reframes a source of life and health as a source of disease

Headline: "Medicare May Be Silent Killer in Budget Battles."

These greedhead shills really have no limits to their well-paid assholery, do they?


Submitted by chadwick newsome on

No, they don't.  I sometimes wonder, though, whether they ever think about the real world consequences of their assholery, or what the US public health picture would look like if they got their way.  When I just sit down and think about the crippling of Medicare and the rape of Medicaid, I see a health catastrophe that could catapult the USA into, oh let's say, fifteenth century.  Or so. 

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Submitted by stuartbramhall on

Medicare is paid through a separate payroll tax. As they point out in the article, it's solvent till 2037. I guess they count on Americans not reading their pay stub - or at least not understanding. None of the current $16 trillion debt relates to Medicare or Social Security expenditures.

Submitted by hipparchia on

partly true.

hospitalization is paid for by medicare part a and medicare part a is funded by the dedicated payroll tax.

doctors are paid through medicare part b and medicare part b is paid for through a combination of tax revenues from the general fund and premiums that seniors pay. medicare part d, the prescription drug insurance, is paid for the same way. medicare part c, the private insurance plans, is paid for with a combination of part a and part b funds (and maybe part d too, if a particular insurance plan covers prescription drugs, but i can't remember for sure).

in 2010 [see table 4 ] hospitalization ($226 billion; paid by medicare part a) accounted for ~43% of total medicare spending. the remaining ~$300 billion, which is ~2% of gdp, was paid for out of general revenues and really IS part of the national debt.

of course, the part that the neoliberals want to kill off is part a (they'd love to keep parts, b, c and d), which is entirely taxpayer-funded, and so they conflate and confuse the issues and revenue sources.