If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Happy solstice!"

Finally, something I can say!

'Merry Christmas" is authentic but assumes that every interlocutor celebrates Christiah holidays so, No.

"Happy Holidays" is Orwellian mush so, No.

But "Happy Solstice" seems both authentic and not mushy.

NOTE Hat tip, Margaret Flowers.

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Back at ya (be sure to check the APOD photo in the update of that link, too). I'm an atheist, but this is the one astronomical event each year that seems worth marking and celebrating.

I suppose that makes me Northern Hemisphere-centric, but I can live with that stigma.

Submitted by lambert on

... "Merry Christmas" and "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" changed over to "Happy Holidays" and "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer." I don't hold a brief for the religiosity of the former but the commercialism and general schockiness of the latter drives me bananas.

Submitted by jawbone on

a Happy Christmas is more common than a Merry Christmas.  Season's Greetings can refer quite sincerely to simply autumn or winter, as well as things religious or secular.

I rather like Happy Holidays as it includes every conceivable holiday from harvest homes to Epiphany or whatever happens between October and, oh, March.

Happy Solstice is OK, but rather specialized. I feel good about covering even holidays I don't know about. But, hey, I'm down with solstice.

Better, of course, would be for everyone to celebrate not only their own usual holidays but everyone else's as well. Definitely with compensation for such holidays, for working people.

 Think of the learning opportunities!

Fittingly, the Paul Winter Consort's Winter Solstice concert is just beginning on WNYC.

Edited to add remark about solstice and to remove empty space at bottom of comment. WTH does that all come from???

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individual's comments. They're so close together I have to look twice to see what's actually going on in the thread.

And...can you choose to make hitting Enter result in just one line? I guess it is supposed to save time by having one click give you a paragraph separating line, but, for me, it eats up time having to swear and then hit the up arrow.  While I could relearn how to space grafs if every place did what's Drupal is doing here, can it be changed?.

I'm getting sick and tired of doing what long standing habit has ingrained, click enter twice for spacing, and have it result in a large gap.

OK, grousing over for now!


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From the Text format dropdown, choose HTML tags and you should get the old editor (with habits). If you have problems with that, please send me Corrente mail. I canl't manage these threads.

There's now more whitespace. The dummy gravatoars have now gone away entirely, and they also provided a huge comment separator.